Private Investigation

Credit Worthiness and Due Diligence

An effective Due Diligence program is essential for any business, especially those with international interests, investment partners, foreign business partners and other third parties. It is crucial for companies to identify, investigate and address any “red flags” to effectively manage risk.

ABC Background Screening Services Pvt. Ltd., provides timely, actionable facts in a well-structured report format. The information we provide assists general counsel and corporate compliance efforts regarding transactional business, mergers and acquisitions and current or potential clients and business partners.

ABC Background Screening Services Pvt. Ltd., approach to a Due Diligence is serious, realizing that important business decisions are made partly or wholly based on the information that we provide. Targeted areas of client interest include but are not limited to:

  • Ownership
  • State-Owned Companies
  • Board of Directors
  • Licensing & Certification
  • Credit Standing
  • Civil Litigation
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