Credentials Check

Education Check

Is your business highly dependent on the credentials of the individual? If so, are all the certificates and credentials accurate? Whether your business is involved in technological services to a Multi-National or public services like hospitals or civil contracts, the credentials of the individual and current competency are what make your relationship strong with your customers. Hiring a new resource is a major investment in both your business and the individual's future.

ABC Background Screening Services Pvt. Ltd., helps to verify relevant education, training, professional state licensure and certification credentials. We expedite the process in gathering, formatting and reporting the information supplied by the applicant and information we have gathered by concerned agencies or institutions. Government officials caution that some potential applicants are buying phony credentials from diploma mills companies that sell degrees or certificates on the Internet without requiring the buyer to do anything more than pay a fee. Most diploma mills charge a flat fee, require little course work, if any, and award a degree based solely on "work or life experience."

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