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Debugging Services in India

ABC Background Screening Services Pvt. Ltd. is a well reputed registered company under the Company’s act 2010, ABC Background Screening Services Pvt. Ltd., offers Private Investigation and Employment Screen Services in Chennai and all over Tamilnadu. An ISO 9001-2008 certified company, duly regd. with government statutory bodies like ESI, EPF and Service Tax. The company is managed by dedicated, well experienced and retired ex-servicemen & professionals for the past two decades.


ABC Background Screening Services Pvt. Ltd., is a registered private limited company under the companies act 1956-No: 1 of 1956. We are duly registered with ESI the code number is 51-55166-104-94, P.F.code number is TN/35881 and service tax number AACCG 1730G ST001. We are proud of giving this society a reliable service for the past 5 years and more.

Investigation Advisor:

We have as anchor to the set up an experienced Brigadier of the parachute regiment who has a track record of 25 years working experience in public and private sector-security establishments to advise us on various security issues.

We have a Manager for Customer Care and Support who acts as liaison officer between us and our clients. We have trained field officers who have been selected / promoted from security officers and are fully responsible for deployment and discipline of security personnel. In addition, we have a retired Army Officer who is in charge for imparting basic training to the freshly inducted recruits.

The raw guards are trained in the latest security procedures to be followed in various industrial establishments and corporate offices. They also act as liaison officers between us and the concerned department of the client. The management of security operations are carried out through first, second and third echelon servicing by General Manager, Branch Manager and Field Officers effectively as the company's infrastructure is well organized.

Turn Out of Security Personnel:

We ensure that our guards are with proper turn out at all the times. We prescribe sky blue shirt and black denim trousers, black belt, black FS caps and black leather shoes as our standard uniform. The uniform shirts are embossed with our company name, ABC Background Screening Services Pvt. Ltd., This aspect is also supervised constantly by our officers, as a guard with good turn out at the entrance enhances the image of the company.

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